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Contact Details of Actress Millie Bobby Brown such as Phone Number, House and Residence Address, Email Address, Social Media Contact Ids and related information.

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown is a British Actress working in one of the most popular series at Netflix named as “Stranger Things”. Along with other cast like Noah Schnapp, Finn Wolfward, Millie Bobby brown is also a teenage actress cast of this Netflix Series. She is 16 years old as born in 19 February 2004. Most of her followers know her by her screen name “Eleven” whereas after the cast of Hollywood movies like “God Zilla: King of the Monster” and attending various Awards functions and events, she got recognition as per birth name.


Family Life:

She born to Kelly Brown (mother) and Robert Brown (father) in Marbella, Málaga, Andalusia, Spain. Millie have three siblings, a brother and two sisters. She has a brother named Charlie and sisters named Ava Bobby Brown and Paige Bobby Brown. Now, whole family is already shifted to United Kingdom.

Millie Bobby Brown phone number, address
Millie Bobby Brown

Contact Millie Bobby Brown

Absolutely, you should make a contact with popular actress Millie Bobby Brown, she is a successful celebrity and have various methods available to be communicated.

Millie Bobby Brown Phone Number Contact

So, if you are really going to contact Millie Bobby Brown, then no doubt phone call is a great choice. However here we tell you one thing, you have to dial Millie’s number correctly with country dialing code+44(number) to connect a call to her phone.

Actress Millie Bobby Brown Addresses

Popular Stranger Things Actress Millie Bobby Brown also known as “Eleven” Addresses includes Email address and house address deatils.

Email Address:

So, if you prefer email over phone, then sending a email message to Millie Bobby Brown is really a perfect method. Take Millie’s email id listed below and use your email account to send a well written message to her e-address.

Email at:

House Address:

More often, you can use Millie’s house address for the fan mail purpose. If you are unable to communicate through other channels then sending a mail to house address is a better idea. House Address is listed below.

Address 1: Millie Bobby Brown, London, United Kingdom.
Address 2: Millie Bobby Brown, Marbella, Málaga, Andalusia, Spain.

Maps of Millie Bobby Brown Addresses


Millie’s Social Media Contact

Social Media accounts are best purposed for communication and contact. You can contact Millie Bobby Brown through social media platforms using her ids for sending and receiving message. Furthermore, Millie is active social media user at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Address for these accounts are enlisted below.

Instagram Address:

Twitter ID:

Facebook Address:

What’s up these day!

She is doing awesome movies and Hollywood projects. updating her social media accounts with a lot of photos and videos.

Famous Stranger Things Cast:

  1. Finn Wolfhard
  2. Noah Schnapp
  3. Sadie Sink
  4. Gaten Matarazzo
  5. Caleb McLaughlin
  6. Joe Keery
  7. Natalia Dyer

Millie Bobby Brown Social Media Stats:

Instagram followers

Facebook Followers

Twitter Followers

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    1. Well, she may be responding to more emails and letters and stuff and she has her own life and may want to do some other things she’d like to do. Just don’t start hating if she doesn’t respond because it’d hurt her feelings.

    1. omg, millie I love you soooo much I was eleven for Halloween! im so exited for season 4! i love Enola holmes too! i wish i could meet you. im following you on tik tok. <3

    2. Hey please me your number I love you too I will come Millie Bobby brown and wish you love me note my name that you know Millie when you know when you love me marriage me I am your Hero 😎😎😎😎😎😎

    3. Omh hi millie u r like my idol and I know this sounds corny but I am like ur biggest fan and all of ur numbers and stuff that I’ve tried r fake… please answer I would like die❤❤❤

    4. Hi, Mille Im such a big fan!!! I was wondering if you could possibly give me your number?? So we can talk?? Or your Pinterest?? You don’t know how much this would mean to me!!! I’ve been through such hard things and this would make it all the much better!!! I would love to meet you or just text you!! I wanna be an actress like you!!!!

  1. Hey milie my hole room should be your room and my brother has a hugeeeeeeeeeee crush on you FYI no affence but I would not date him at all and all give you a reason why not to date him he’s 12 and your sixTEEN! LOL 😂 ok sorry and I doubt that he’s your type but I know your not probably gonna get this but to me where like friends that don’t know each other and I hope you think the same! But umm 😐 I’m Srry that I probably spelled your name wrong 😑 no hate pls!

  2. Milie me and my dad and sister love stranger things so much we even have a menopoley game of stranger things and i allways land on you when you go to the upside down.

  3. Millie I know that a lot of people say that they wanna marry you and they really love you but, I’m going to tell you something about you and me 1 we were born in the same hospital 2 you don’t know me that well but my name in Ethan Anthony Perez 3 we are the exact same age 4 this one is just about me I’ve loved you Sence the day I layed my eyes on you witch was when I was a dat old how do I know all this my mum told me will you be my girl friend please here are some good reasons why to say yes 1 I’m a great hugger 2 I really truly actually love you 3 we can defend each other or I can defend you whatever you want I want for you. Just please Mille say yes here’s my email

  4. Millie, I have just finished watching Stranger Things and I think it was an amazing series! (I’m only 11, turning 12 in January lol) You are such a good actor and I really wish I could meet you! I want to send fan mail also and possibly get an autograph, but I saw on a website to send it for somewhere in Georgia but I am not sure that is real, but I will take my chances. I just think you’re very amazing and awesome. If you somehow end up reading this, thanks for reading!

  5. Oh my god I LOVE you sooooo much Millie I am 11 and me and my friend are BEGGING our parents to get Florence by mills make up and other things I really really want ur phone number please. I LOVE STRANGER THINGS I can’t WAIT for season 4 also Enola Holmes was amazing I LOVE U SOOO MUCH and when I grow up I wanna be exactly like you

    Love Freya♥️♥️🥰🥰

  6. I love you Millie I look up to you I am 11 and I want to be a kid actress like you! I wish I could meet you ! And do have any advice for starting to be a kid actress? This is you biggest fan signing of love you bye!

  7. Hi my name is Nola I am your biggest fan and my dad is from England and I am a citizen of England to! I wish I could meet you and I look up to you I am only 11 but I want to be a kid actress just like you! Do you have any tips? Your biggest fan signing off Love you bye!

  8. hi millie i am isabella i guess i would say i am a fan but i was wondering if you can help me get into a agency do i can learn to be actor like you. thank you so much

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