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Bretman Rock is a Philippines based famous internet personality actively working on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and few other social platforms. In early days, he arose to fame for his makeup videos and one of the earlier YouTube publisher who started in 2011. Later, he become highly popular on Instagram and Vine application. Here you can check process to communicate Bretman through his social media profiles, calls and texts to his active phone number, email messaging and via postal mails. Further, read his biography, family and other personal life information.

Bretman Rock (Internet Personality)

One of the earlier internet personality, who launched YouTube channel in September of 2012 and Twitter account in May of 2011. First of all, he started with posting makeup and beauty tutorials on YouTube channel in form of videos. As, he was gay so he recommended best artistic makeups and beauty styles for both male and females. His channel increases its reach up to 8 million as per 2020. His twitter account add up 6 million followers to him with regular post of tweets.

Soon after getting triggered on YouTube, he add up Vine, TikTok and Instagram to his social media journey. He posted several lip syncing, dance and Collab stuff on TikTok to garner 8 million fans. Whereas, with photo and video posts on Instagram let him to earn 16 million followers. He is one of the famous social media celebrity in Hawaii. Bretman Rock was relocated from Philippines to Hawaii in his early childhood.


Bretman is going to be featured in a new series on Ellen DeGeneres’ Ellen Digital Network. He already launched his personalized merchandise for followers. Moreover, he is ready to entertain his fans by touring different states for meet and greet meetups.

Family Life:

Bretman Rock born on July 31, 1998 in Philippines and later relocated to Hawaii, United States. He is 22 years old. His sister Princess Mae is also a internet celebrity. He has a niece named Cleo.


Bretman Rock - Phone Number, Email, House Address, Family, Contact, Biography
Bretman Rock – Phone Number, Email, House Address, Family, Contact, Biography

Contact Details

Social Personality Bretman Rock recommended methods for communication, which are inclusive of his phone number, email id, physical address and social media profiles as listed below.

Phone Number

Bretman Rock has listed his contact number on twitter post to allow his fans to make a active communication via telephone. It is recommended method to communicate him. You can also use it for business inquires.

  • Phone Number: Hawaii Network, Added.

Email Address:

Use following email for sending online inquiries and messages.

  • Email:

House Address:

His postal address is given below.

  • Address: Bretman Rock, Hawaii, United States

Social Media Contact Details

Send internal messages with the help of following social addresses listed below.

Instagram Address:

Twitter ID:

YT Address:


Recommended: Justin Blake

Contact: Jacob Sartorius

What’s up these day!

His real name is Bretman Rock Sacayanan. He has launched Eyewear collection as well.

Social Media Stats:

Instagram followers

YouTube Subscribers

TikTok Followers


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