Gavin Magnus – Wiki, House Address, Biography, Phone Number

Web series Actor, YouTuber, Singer and Social Media Star Gavin Magnus contact information is inclusive of his phone number, house address, social media profiles, email, biography and family details.

Gavin Magnus (Actor, Social Media Star)

One of the popular and well-known actor, singer and internet celebrity from California, United States. He has acted in more than four television series and two major channels. Starting from Cartoon Network, he has served Nickelodeon as well. Beside acting, he has worked on singing and social media as well.

Nickelodeon  born in Los Angeles, CA. He is a verified Badge holder at YouTube and TikTok. His career started with Acting. He has served Kids television channels such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network because of his age. He has acted in many popular series like Reckless Juliets and Timecrafters: The Treasure of Pirate’s Cove. Moreover, he has debuted his first single in 2018 named as “Crushin”. His most popular song Senorita that is a cover song of original song in which he has featured Coco Quinn. It has reached 42 million views so far.


He has been invited for number of awards ceremonies and nominated for various awards as well. Gavin has attended Boys of Summer and Minecon once. He is official partner of Capitol Records and Rock Your Hair squad. He has been seen collaborating with popular celebrities Brent Rivera and Ben Azelart.

Family Life:

He born on March 26, 2007 to an American family living in LA situated in California. Gavin Magnus has two brothers, Justin and Jakob Magnus. His mother name is Theresa. He often appear with his brothers on various meetups, videos, posts and shows. His ex-girlfriend name is Coco Quinn. Now a days, he separated from her because of career.


Gavin Magnus - Biography, Contact Number, Email, House Address, Family
Gavin Magnus – Biography, Contact Number, Email, House Address, Family

Contact Details:

Contact Gavin Magnus by following methods:

  1. Phone Number
  2. Email
  3. Address
  4. Social Media IDs

Gavin Magnus Phone Number

You can contact Gavin by dialing his phone number. He is using american network and 4g sim, he has Samsung Galaxy s20 handset to receive calls. He even gifted a new cell phone to his sister and mom.


Moreover, recent addresses includes his personal email address and house address, check data provided below.

Email Address:

Send him an email or any of your query to his personal email id listed below:

  • Email at:

House Address:

He born in Los Angeles. So, we have his most recent living address listed below:

  • Address: Gavin Magnus, Theresa House, Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Social Media Contact Information

The social media profiles will help you to communicate Gavin Magnus with the help of instant messaging, direct message and video calls option. We’ve listed all social media addresses of his profiles below.

TikTok Address:

Twitter ID:


Instagram Address:

Snapchat: Checked.

What’s up these day!

He was living a dream life with Coco Quinn girlfriend. But suddenly, he decided wit Coco Quinn to get separate for better future an career.

Social Media Stats:

Instagram followers

TikTok Followers

Twitter Followers


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  1. Hi Gavin, i know people are being crazy about your life and your relationships but, know one has the right to tell you who you are or what you can be. By the way My name is Jaylah I love your Music an i subscribe to your channel. I’m not desparate or anything but Just know I’m not a bad person and would do anything to keep you going.

  2. Hi my name is Justice and I just want to ask are you getting back with piper rockelle?? If you call this number because it will help you get over you felling ok bye ? 303 523 0060.

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