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A prominent part and member of the Famly YouTube channel Dad V Girls is Grace Conder who is 15 years old and based in England living with her parents and siblings. Grace is one of the finest social media celebrities and popular YouTuber Family members focus on creating quality content and entertaining audiences.

Grace Conder (YouTuber, Internet Celebrity)

Grace Conder is a prominent and important part of the youtube channel Dad V Girls being run by her father. In the Dad V Girls channel, the father and his four girls including Grace Conder as they participate in family challenges and vlogs. The mentioned channel has more than 1.5 million active subscribers and stars Grace Conder, Kaci Conder, Madison Conder, Sarah Ciner, Joel Conder, Sophie Conder, and Chloe Conder.

Grace is the second oldest of the Conder sisters. Most of Grace’s content included videos in which she competes with her sisters against their father in various games and challenges. She has her own YouTube channel but it is in a growing phase and received less than one million subscribers so far, but she has a popular TikTok and Instagram account where she has already reached the 1 million milestones.


Moreover, Grace is part of the social media group ‘The UK Youngers’ featuring other web stars and internet personalities such as Ami Charlize, Olivia Macbeth, and Harriet Allies. Another social media star Lilly-May Hall is also Grace’s best friend and mostly helped her to create collaborative content and videos for YouTube and other social media platforms.

Family Life:

Grace Conder was born on October 29, 2007, in England. She was born to parents Sarah Conder and Joel Conder. She has four siblings as of 2022 including Kaci Conder, Sophie Conder, Madison Conder, and Chloe Conder. She has not begun dating yet as she is searching for her dream boyfriend.


Grace Conder Phone Number, House Address and Email Address
Popular YouTuber Grace Conder’s Phone Number, Wiki, Contact and Address Details

Contact Details

Contact YouTuber Grace Conder through various methods and information provided and listed here.

Phone Number

Grace Conder is using a new iPhone 14 pro max purchased in 2022. Her number is activated on both Facetime and Whatsapp apps. +44 887 987 GRACE.

Email Address:

Send email queries to the following address:

House Address:

Send postally and fan mail to Conder following address:

  • Address: Grace Conder, Conder House, England, United Kingdom.

Social Media Contact Details

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Instagram Address:

Twitter ID:

YouTube Address:



What’s up these days!

She is ranked YouTuber because of the parent channel called Dad V girls. It is one of the reputed family Youtube channels.

Social Media Stats:

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