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Contact details of Young TikTok Star and Social Media influencer Jezelle Catherine including her Phone Number, Email Account, Social Media Addresses, Postal and Residential Address, and Biography along with Family details. Jezelle came to the limelight because of her social media account, fans, followers, subscribers, posts, videos and content.

Jezelle Catherine (TikTok Star, Internet Celebrity)

Jezelle Catherine is a TikToker and Social Media celebrity who gain prominence in the year 2023 because of her sudden growth on TikTok where she has garnered 10 million fans and still growing huge in numbers. Moreover, she is also active on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube and garnered many fans and subscribers there as well.

She is basically from South Africa but she has become a popular celebrity in the United States and various other countries because of her interesting content. Her beauty has attracted a huge lot of fans and her content is up to the mark to become a prominent celebrity across the World. However, she mainly focuses on dance, lip-syncing, POV, acting, and beauty content. And the mentioned content is the reason for her sudden growth on social media where more than 50% of people follows her from the United States and the United Kingdom.


She shares much detail of her life, family, and friends on Instagram. Jezelle got interested in creating POV and acting videos. Her POV and acting videos are mostly inspired by other social media celebrities and Cape Town actresses. She also watches American actress’s videos and gets inspired by them. She is planning to become a popular actress and to work in Hollywood. Catherine is signed to the Grail Talent Agency. She has also worked as a model and brand endorsement for brands like Pluto Case, GoodNight, and Cloudy.

Family Life:

Jezelle Catherine was born on March 2, 2002 (21 years old) in South Africa. Her family and siblings reside in Cape Town. She often visits other cities and countries for tourism and because of her career. However, she is settled in Cape Town but she plans to settle in the United States to find a better career and acting opportunities.


Jezelle Catherine Phone Number, Email and House Address
TikTok Star Jezelle Catherine Phone Number, House Address, Biography, Wiki, Email, and Family Details

Contact Details

Several available contact methods are shared here to communicate with Jezelle Catherine.

Salish Matter Phone Number

Use the Jezelle Catherine contact number for calls, text messages, WhatsApp (Video/Audio/text) and Facetime voice calls. +27 511 445 JEZCAT 2023.


Jezelle’s addresses are inclusive of her email and house/postal address as listed below.

Email Address:

If you want to contact Jezelle by email, Use the following e-address/email.

House Address:

House Address is provided here.

  • Address: Jezelle Catherine, Cape Town, South Africa.

Social Media Contact

Social Media account addresses for contact purposes are listed below.

Instagram Address:

YT Channel ID:

TikTok Address:

Web Address:

What’s up these days!

She is working on her acting skills to become an actress. She has a dream to work in Hollywood and in TV series.

Social Media Stats:

Instagram followers

YouTube Subscribers

TikTok Followers


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