Kyle Thomas Phone Number, Home Address, Email, Social Media Contact Details

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Kyle Thomas (TikTok Celebrity)

Known as TikTok Teenager Celebrity, 18 years old he is best known for his funny videos and quirky clips. If you use social media, then, of course, you have seen a teenage boy doing videos on a food tasting and adding some quirky things within videos, he is none other than Kyle Thomas. Most of his audience is food lovers and they come to see Kyle’s reactions to various food inventories he has.

He rose to fame just because of his TikTok videos which include his funny lip-syncing and dance videos as well. His favorite disguise is a Super Mario hat. Because in most of Kyle’s videos, he is wearing a Super Mario hat, which creates interesting and creative content to get viral. It actually works! most of his popular videos on TikTok are those in which he is wearing Super Mario Hat. As he took karate classes as a child, now he shows off his karate skills in videos by which young followers really appreciate his skills and try to learn from him. Moreover, Thomas creates videos with his siblings, friends Holly H, Maverick Baker, and Max & Harvey as well as his pet Mylo.


The Social Media accounts of Kyle Thomas breaks new records in 2020. He has gained 20 million Tiktok followers so far and 1 million Instagram fans. He is growing on YouTube as well. You can watch his vlogs and day life routines on his self-titled YouTube channel.

Family Life:

Kyle Thomas was born to an English family living in Kent. He has lived in Belfast, Northern Ireland with his mother and siblings. There is a new addition to Kyle’s family a pet Mylo. He started dating privately.


Kyle Thomas phone number, address, email, contact
Kyle Thomas phone number, address, email, contact

Contacting Kyle Thomas

Now we’ve made it possible to contact Kyle Thomas by providing useful contact information like his contact numbers and addresses. You can check these options listed below in prioritized order.

Kyle Thomas Phone Number Contact

You can contact Kyle Thomas by using his real cell phone number. However, for that, you must have to dial provided number correctly with the standard dialing code+44(number) to connect a call as he is in the UK.

Kyle Addresses

Here Addresses include email address and house address details, as provided below.

Email Address:

If you prefer send an email message to Thomas. Then, take the email id as listed below to send a well-written message to his email account.

House Address:

Absolutely, it is only possible to send fan letters, love letters, and postal mail to Kyle, if you have his proper house or residential address. So, you can check his complete address below.

  • Address: Kyle Thomas, Kent, England, United Kingdom.

Social Media Contact Details

Social Media accounts are best for sending messages online and communicating with him. You can contact us using the direct message option. Most websites allow an internal message, direct message, and live call options. We’ve provided all the social media addresses of Thomas’s social media profiles to connect you with him with ease.

Instagram Address:

Twitter ID:


TikTok Address:

What’s up these days!

Wow, he got an amazing collection of a few unique and wonderful pet animals. He plays with them and snaps photos. It is very weird for a few followers to know how he got there. Absolutely, he has a proper link with the wildlife department.

Social Media Stats:

Instagram followers

TikTok Followers

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