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Prominent TikTok celebrity and social media influencer, Lala Sadi is 20 years old and known for her comedy, dance, vlogs, and lip-syncing. She has posted several videos on her LALA TV Youtube channel including comedy and family content which her videos got viral and she became one of the popular younger web stars.

Lala Sadi (TikTok Star, YouTuber)

She was a teenager at the time of her debut on social media. Her video got viral when she claimed the technician who came for repair is her boyfriend. Later, she continued her video posting resulting in becoming a popular internet celebrity and social media content creator. As of August, she has nearly 25 million active TikTok fans and her videos received million of them along with more than hundreds of thousand of likes to them. However, she is sharing her life, family content, comedy, and vlogs on her LALA TV channel which has 1 million subscribers so far.

Recently, she began singing and released her music and videos on her YouTube channel. Her more recently released single “Lala Sadii Murder My Feelings” has already received 2 million hits. Moreover, her vlog and other content include her videos like “My First Day Of Summer School”, “Going On A Date With My Ex Bf’s BFF”, “First Time in Disney Land”, and “I Overcome My Fear” etc. Her first Youtube video was titled “The Six Different Types of Girls!.” which received fair views and many likes.


Lala has also started her online merchandise where she sells mostly garments. Her online prominence is increasing day by day and she is already a ranked influencer in the United States. She has a soft corner for her fans as she always tries her best to give responses to her fans and subscribers’ inquiries sent to hr inbox and sms. However, you can also contact her for appreciation and inquiries. In Addition, her social media growth is much similar to the famous TikTok celebrities Addison Rae, Brent, and Charli D’Amelio.

Family Life:

Lala Sadi was born on July 26, 2003, in California, US. Lala Sadi’s family lives in California. She has two brothers, the younger one is named Mony and her older brother is Sari.


Lala Sadi houe address, phone number and email contact
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Lala Sadi Contact Details

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Phone Number

The recommended method to contact her using provided an authentic and real phone number. She mostly attends phone calls in the morning and before the afternoon. She has an American network loaded to her iPhone 14 Pro Max-023.

Email Address:

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House Address:

Send postal and fan mail to the following address:

  • Address: Lala Sadi, Los Angeles, California CA, United States.

Social Media Contact Details

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Instagram Address:

Twitter ID:

YouTube Address:


Snapchat: @lala_sadii

What’s up these days!

She is focusing on her music career and working on the release of her new singles. These will be available on her YouTube channel and Spotify.

Social Media Stats:

Instagram followers

YouTube Channel Subscribers

Twitter Followers


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