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Malu Trevejo is a famous American Singer, Songwriter, Actress and known internet celebrity. She born in Havana, Cuba and raised in Miami, Florida. Her career started as singer in 2015. However, she know how to speak Spanish and English. Her video on TikTok and YouTube are trending by which she is now a best known internet celebrity. Here you can read biography, wiki, age, family, her dating and contact information inclusive of email address, phone number, social media links and her house address details etc.

Malu Trevejo (Singer, Internet Personality)

Born as María Luisa Trevejo is a multi-talented celebrity based in Florida, who love to sing, writing song, publishing videos on YouTube and dancing at TikTok application. It is interesting to know that, she started her career in 2015 and gained ultimate success in 2020 and 2021. Alongside music industry and continues release of singles and albums, Trevejo has earned immense number of followers and fans on her social media accounts. She not only garnering followers on social platforms but also sharing and posting amazing content inclusive of her photos, selfies, vlogs, pranks, Collab’s and other duet videos.

Malu as a teenage celebrity has gained huge success and popularity among youngsters. Most of the times, she is a heading of various American news website and newspapers. However, in her singing career, she has released dozen of singles, those trending on social media and billboards chart. She released her Ep title “Una Vez Mas”. Some of her best singles are “Nadie Como Yo”, “Una Vez Más”, “Walking in the Club”, “A lo Malu”, “Hace Calor”, “Nadie Como Yo” and “Down for Your Love”.

Cuban born celebrity is much popular on social media especially on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. She often collaborate with other TikTok stars, Instagrammers and internet personalities for social media posts and videos. Till date, she has received 9 million followers to her Instagram and 12 million fans on TikTok account. Most of her social media accounts are named as her real name.

Family Life:

María Luisa Trevejo born on October 15, 2002 in Havana, Cuba. She is 18 years old. She feature her parents in social media posts. In dating life, she has been in relationship with Danny Alfonso in 2019. She was also previously in a relationship with Jaden Delarosa.

Malu Trevejo House Address, Phone Number, Email, Biography
Malu Trevejo Biography, WIki, Phone Number, Email, House Address, Age, Family

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  • Address: María Luisa Trevejo AKA Malu Trevejo, P.O Box City Miami, Florida, U.S.

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