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Better known as Instagram star and singer. You can know him as social media personality, who is making rounds at TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and in music industry. Already released several Ep songs and garnered million of followers. Let’s discuss his biography, wiki, family details and contact information related to his phone, address and email contact details.

Mark Thomas (Celebrity)

It was, when he stepped in to social media industry and successfully garnered 5 million fans. His popularity pushed him to become a singer as well. In 2016, he was releasing his first tracks named  “Selfie” and “Mistletoe,”. Alongside, he created his self title YouTube channel, to share his music and fun videos, Instagram to publish his day life photos and similar stuff. Right now, he has 1 million YouTube subscribers and round about 3.5 million Instagram followers.

In last 4 years, his popularity has outbreak across United States. In every 5 teenagers, 2 teens already listened to his songs or already visited any of his social media post. Somewhat, he not only rely on his own content but also create collaborative content to get more followers and reach. So far, he has collaborated with social stars including Loren Gray, Zach Clayton, Nathan Triska and Jackson Krecioch.


Moreover, starting his musical career in 2016 with Selfie song, he has pushed him forward in greater miles. There are more than dozen of his tracks released officially. Beside singing, he is a best vlog creator. If you want to check out his social content and vlogs, visit his profile addresses as stated here.

Family Life:

Mark Thomas born on March 29, 2001 in Pennsylvania. He is 19 years old. His sister is his best friend as well. Once he was much close to Madison Lewis. Somehow, In 2019 he began dating Bridget Paddock.


Mark Thomas - Contact Email Address, Phone Number, House Address, Wiki, Bio, Age
Mark Thomas – Contact Email Address, Phone Number, House Address, Wiki, Bio, Age

Contact Details

His contacts inclusive of phone number, email, physical address and social media profiles are listed below.

Phone Number

Mark Thomas number is active and available for business inquires and fan texts. He posted for his fans as a mean of communication in 2020. You can try in your spare time.

  • Phone Number

Email Address:

Use following email for sending online inquiries and messages.

  • Email:

House Address:

His postal address is given below.

  • Address: Mark Thomas, Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, United States.

Social Media Contact Details

Send internal messages with the help of following social addresses listed below.

Instagram Address:

Twitter ID:

YT Address:


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Contact: Olivia Ponton

What’s up these day!

He was tested Positive for Covid19 few month back. He Recovered successfully, and back to business.

Social Media Stats:

Instagram followers

YouTube Subscribers

TikTok Followers


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