Mr Beast – Phone Number, House Address, Biography, Email

Popular and well-known YouTuber and Social Media Celebrity Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) Biography, Wiki, Family, Relationship, and contact information inclusive of his real phone number, house address, social media profiles, email, and other details.

Jimmy Donaldson (YouTuber)

One of the famous and well-known YouTubers is known for his video series Worst Intros, expensive stunts, and philanthropy content on YouTube. His video content is really interesting and addictive and he garnered 190 million subscribers so far.

Mr. Beast’s real name is Jimmy Donaldson, born in Kansas. He started his channel in 2012 with creative and interesting content inclusive of expensive and worthy items. You can see him donating large chunks of money and items to the needy and poor. This attracted many followers due to his generosity and philanthropy behavior. Most of the time, he shows himself giving thousands of dollars to waiters, drivers, street guys, and beggars. People hit like and subscribe to him after watching him doing better things. That’s why he is now one of the top-ranked YouTubers in the United States. Mr. Beast is also the co-creator of Team Trees, which is a fundraiser for the Arbor Day Foundation, which has raised over $30 million so far.


At the moment, he is managed by the Dallas-based talent management company Night Media. Some of his milestones are completed successfully including Reading the Dictionary, Watching It’s Everyday Bro For 10 Hours, Watching Dance Till You’re Dead For 10 Hours, Reading Bee Movie Script, Watching Paint Dry, Ubering Across America, and Saying Logan Paul 100k Times. In 2023, Beast debuted in the Hollywood film “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Mayhem” and played the role of Times Square Bystander in it. Moreover, his award-winnings have added up a few more awards because he has won the 13th Streamy Awards for Collaborations and Creator of the Year. He has also won the 2023 Kid’s Choice Awards as Favorite Male Creator. Last year, he won the 12th Streamy Awards as Brand Engagement, Social Good Creator, and Creator of the Year among others.

Family Life:

He was born on May 7, 1998 (Age 25 years), to an American family living in Kansas. His real name is Jimmy Donaldson. He has a brother named CJ, who has a popular YouTube channel called MrBro. He has been dating Maddy Spidell.


Mr Beast - Biography, Wiki, Age, Phone Number, Address, Email
Mr. Beast – Biography, Wiki, Age, Phone Number, Address, Email

Contact Details:

Contact YouTuber Mr.Beast by the following methods:

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Phone Number

You can contact Mr. Beast by dialing his phone number. He is using the American network. His sim is 4g network and uses an iPhone 13 pro-Max handset. You can Facetime him as well. Add +1 as the dialing code.


Addresses include his personal email and house address. Check the verified data provided below.

Email Address:

Send an email or any of your queries to Mr. Beast’s personal email id listed below:

  • Email at:

House Address:

We have updated his recent living address listed below:

  • Address: Mr Beast, Jimmy Donaldson, Kansas, United States.

Social Media Contact Information

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Twitter ID:


Instagram Address:


What’s up these days!

He has created a Squid Game video that crosses 100M views. Moreover, he is a best friend of many YouTubers and Twitch celebrities such as PewDiePie; Pokimane; Marques Brownlee; Corpse Husband; MatPat; Sidemen; Dream; Cr1TiKaL; Mark Rober.

Social Media Stats:

Instagram followers

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  1. Honestly, I would love to do what he’s doing now. Sadly wish I still lived in North Carolina so I can meet him but I don’t anymore. I wish I could like to work for him I wish I could be like carl and Chandler and everybody else that works with him. I’m so excited about what he will post next.

  2. Hi Mrbeast my name is Ammar halabi please please please please Mrbeast we want to buy a house but we don’t have money please can you help us please please please our house is not good and no boy help us please help us please please

      1. Flordeliza R. Leguarda

        Hello Mr. Beast, I have been watching your videos on you tube, you’ve been helping a lot of people that are in need. Thanks for your kindness. Watching those videos,I can’t help thinking how lucky they are, would it be possible for someone like you to help me. Honestly I’ve been asking for fund raising for my mom’s medication. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer on 2019 and still fighting. I have 4 younger sisters they are all studying, my father is a carpenter. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer he stopped working to take good care of mom. Yes, I have work, but my salary is not enough to support their needs and moms medication. It’s really hard because I have a lot of debts. Just really need a helping hand. Even just for my mom’s medication if possible. I hope this message will reach you! I’m so down and hopeless. Just wanted to give all the best to my mom but I am afraid I could do it anymore because I am financially drained.

  3. Hello my name is alice and if mr.beast is reading this i just wanted to let him know if he can just donate to people that don’t have money or a home or people that are struggling and can’t get what they need i not saying this because i am one those people i am saying this because other people need more help than others oh and stay safe and heathy god bless you

  4. hi mrbeast i am a fan and i love ur vids and i want some of your murch and i want to try your burgers from your restaurant please please can have some of your stuff pls i am a fan

  5. caylee Ybarra shop

    mr beast you are my hero you are the best ever, a living legend ANYONE WHO READS THIS SHOP MR BEAST.COM OR ELSE YOU WILL BE HAUNTED FOREVER UNTIL YOU GET MERCH! but can you give me a gaming PC but can you download minecraft on it if you do get me one because I really need something to do while I’m alone and I want the keyboard to be glowing rainbow but if you do get one and can’t find that keyboard it’s fine and can you get someone to send it to my school on November, 20th, 2021 please and I want them to say it’s for caylee Ybarra anyways love your videos and I love you!

  6. Many of you want money. I DO NOT GIVE AWAY MONEY FOR NO REASON. If you guys had money you would not have been asking and would have not been Subed.

  7. MR BEAST!!! It is sooo exiting to talk to you! I just luv your vids. Id just luv if i could talk to you in person, I do foster care so I am the only boy in the house and your videos make me so happy and they make me laugh everytime. I’m not going to for money because i respect u. I hope you make another vid soon! (and can you maybe say hi to Karl, Chris, and Chandler?) Thank you!

  8. Mr. BEAST I just wwanted to say you inspire so many people farther away than you probably realize I have been watching your videos for 3 1/2 yrs now. .I hope one day you come to Jersey and I can meet you. I wish I had the courage you do but my fiance (10yrs now) and I are not very well off and at this point don’t make our monthly bills but my favorite part of my day is just coming home and watching videos you have done. (No joke) I have watched your videos over and over again in between when you release new content I just rewatch the old videos fiance is a big tik tok watcher and has alot of people she follows but me I don’t have tik tok I just go on Facebook or YouTube and watch your content (along with a couple other people also) but I pray that one day I can become well enough off and do similar things to what you do. My fiance (Nina) and I see homeless people and as broke as we are we give them either food or clothes or 5$ whatever we can when we see people but I pray the world learns from your example and starts building each other up and helping each other . Some people are very selfish when they make their money but you are a genuine and humble person and I can only hope others learn from you and I can one day be half as good of a person as you are. I honestly don’t even know if this will reach you but just writing this my heads thumping just organizing my thoughts and actually putting them out their. But I pray for you nightly and you continue to do what you do for years to come and more people learn from your selflessness and lead the way for a world that helps each other up instead of being a country that doesn’t want to see people do better than themselves and only put negativity in and get negativity out of what they do. I love what you represent and keep up the great work and videos!!

  9. hey mrbeast my family needs some money we hardly had enough to go to the beach and im a big fan please visit us at 236 N Main S.T mount airy NC

  10. hey Mrbeast I love your vids i don’t want money i know how hard it is to be one of the biggest youtubers of all time i watch your vids every day i just wish i could be in one i really want to meet you in person someday i know you are very busy but if you could visit me at 236 N Main ST mount airy NC

  11. Hi Mr. Beast, Hope you are doing well. Help people to give money i think is not a good idea. if you giveaway money, the better open some business for them which they will earn and born more employments for other needy people’s. I not say i m a big fan but i m a fan of your videos and ur environment love nature.

  12. Hi Mr. beast, I am Cyril and I am from Ghana and I need your help…I have heard a lot about you so I want to know you please and I need your support…….My dad and I have sciatica and I need you to donate me any amount you can……please if you can do it for me, please send it to this BTC Private Wallet blockchain address…..please respond to my message quick

  13. Hi Mr. Beast and team

    I am from South Africa. You know just watching your videos, brings a smile to a man’s face. I so wish I can take part, for my music project’s sake. I would do anything for these kids, my music program teaches pulverize kids music and to play musical instruments, the ultimate goal is to establish a marching band, to take them out of the circumstances they daily face, drugs, rape, gangsterism, etc. I would do anything, just for instruments, uniform and maybe transport for them………. how does this sound …… i will walk from Cape Town to Johannesburg, 3000km, for help for these kids?
    Keep up making people happy!!!

    1. hello dear Jimmy, you are my idol, a very cool person, I want to tell my story, I want you to decide or help the obedient. I was born and raised in Ukraine, lived there most of my life, I entered the University of Engineering, after a while the war came to our country, we were forced to go to another country, and so we moved to the Czech Republic, I dropped out and went to work. At first, I worked in a bakery for 14-16 hours 6 days a week and a year ago I moved to another job now I design agricultural machinery, I like my job but I was an engineer would like to work for myself the bank refuses me a loan but I think not indifferent people will support me I want to raise $ 30.000 for my work, I will be grateful to you even if you read it, thank you then you inspire people to go to your goal I have already sold almost everything to open my company, my car, land, my house was taken away by militants from Russia, I ask you to help if my case goes uphill I promise you to return everything
      I hope only for you for my idol, looking at you I was ignited by the desire to do something of my own, I hope my work will benefit people
      You are cool, Thank you for hope because hope dies last
      If you need something from me, I will help you thank you as much as I can.

  14. Mr beast I got a video idea it is 100 thousand dollars last to leave the conjuring house with all your friends one will be chandler, Chris, carl, and a couple of other people also just.

  15. Hi my name is Alex just wanted to see if you could how about a homeless person which is me I’ve been homeless for about 3 years cuz my mom passed away my stepdad kicked me out. once she passed away so I’ve been on the street since and I’m willing to work. I’m willing to do anything I tried to look for work but they don’t hire me because of the way I look they profile me right away but I’m willing to try to do anything and everything to support me and my fiance. She’s the only one that sticks by my side my own family doesn’t care where I’m at or what I’m doing or how I am so that’s why I am asking for your help. I didn’t want to but I have no one else to turn to I was watching your videos and I see that you bless a lot of people and I wish I can get that one blessing from you to help me out. If you could find me a job I would really appreciate it hopefully you read my comment and maybe you would bless me and help me to get off the streets because it’s really hard I live day by day not knowing if I’m going to be in a room or be somewhere safe.

  16. Dear MrBeast,
    My name is max and I love your videos. My favorite is I gave a homeless man a home. I always do stuff like that. Whenever I see a homeless I look for something i could give them. I remember one day after kindergarten I saw a homeless man and gave him a picture I drew in school. I want to grow up and help animals, I love animals. I have two dogs. So I want to be a vet. I would say that I have to be one of your biggest fans, yet you must get that a lot and probably doesn’t mean much. It has been my dream to meet you and be in a video too. I definitely look up to you and you are my role model. But that probably won’t happen because I am twelve. If you see this please write me back.
    Your friend,

  17. Sup man I am really hoping to be in one of your videos one day I’m only 12 tho so tbh idrk if you would allow that but ya like I said I really want to see you in person one day and I want to show you how athletic I am tbh but reply to me please? also tell me if I should include my name next time.

  18. hey, Mr. Beast, I really enjoy your videos and really like what you’re doing for those in need never stop.


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