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ROCK SQUAD is a popular YouTube family channel full of adventure, fashion, and collaborative videos. It consists of 15 members and mostly teenagers. The Squad is known for its collaborations, creativity, fun, and talent. Here you can read ROCK SQUAD’s members’ biography, wiki, age, family, dating, and contact information inclusive of email address, phone number, social media links, house address details, etc.

ROCK SQUAD (Web Group)

Popular web group ROCK SQUAD members are based in the United States mostly in Los Angeles and other nearest cities in California. It was founded in 2021 and has acquired 15 members so far. Some of the popular members of the ROCK SQUAD are Nidal Wonder. Peja Anne, Brooke Butler, and Jiji Wonder. The most valuable asset of the quad is its official YouTube channel which has garnered more than half a million 560K exact subscribers in the past 12 months after the official launch.

There is a total of 15 active team members who are named and aged as follows. Nidal Wonder (12 years old), Peja Anne (13 years old), Brooke Butler (20 years old), Jiji Wonder (15 years old), Rush Holland Butler (18 years old), Faye Knightly (10 years old), Ryder Tully (13 years old), Kaileia Dixon (14 years old), Nayeli Lo Vera (12 years old), Anis Sienna (13 years old), Keilahni Dixon (17 years old), Gabi Palooza (16 years old), AnnaKate Dooley (16 years old), Giada Ryann (15 years old), and Nicole O’Rourke (44 years old).


The Rock squad is setting a tough competition to old family and squad channels. It is a direct competition with the Royalty Family, Piper Squad, Familia Diamond, and Norris Nuts. Members are very passionate and motivated to give the best quality content and fun to their subscribers and followers. Millions of people are watching their content online and liking it at greater scale. The Rock Squad also manages the TikTok account, and many Instagram accounts including @therocksquad_, @rockyourhair, @rockdigitaltalent, and @nicolerockyourhair.

Family Life:

Rock Squad was formed in 2021, in California. It has a total of 15 members who are mostly teenagers and High School students and they are doing social media and content creation part-time. Many members are dating in their private life and fewer are single at the moment. Their parents enjoy their content and also motivate them and fully support them to take Rock Squad to a very new level.


Rock Squad Phone Number, House Addresses, Email and Contact Deatils
American YouTube Squad “Rock Squad” Phone Numbers, House Addresses, Emails, Bio, Wiki, and Contact Details

Squad Contact Details

Here with provided contact information of YouTube family Rock Squad, you can send any query as well as convey messages directly to the team and members.

Phone Number

Rock Squad’s phone number allows you to communicate, talk, and send text messages to members’ personal numbers and business phones. The team manager also checks business inquiries sent to the business phone.

  • Phone Number +1-312-554-ROCKSQ

Email Address:

Check the email listed below.

  • Email:

House Address:

The physical address is given below for visits and fan mails.

  • Address: Rock Squad YT Family, Los Angeles LA, California, CA, United States of America.

Social Media Contact Details

Send a message with the help of the listed social addresses below.

Instagram Address:

YouTube Address:



What’s up these days!

Rock Squad is working on other social media platforms to extend its reach and fan base. They receive huge love and likes from the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada among others.

Social Media Stats:

Instagram followers

YouTube Subscribers

TikTok Followers


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    Hi I’m a fan of the Rock squad and I’m 11 years old. I was wondering if I could join the squad with ya’ll. This would be amazing if I could and make new friends do challenges and have fun.

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