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Contact details of Teenage influencer Salish Matter including her Phone Number, Email Account, Social Media Addresses, Postal and Residential Address, and Biography along with Family details. Salish Matter has reshaped her social media celebrity career into singing in the year 2023 but she is still doing a great job on social media and creating content for her audience.

Salish Matter (Singer, Internet Celebrity)

Salish Matter is one of the younger social media celebrities and singers. She began her career through her family’s YouTube channel by appearing in the family vlogs and videos. Later, she created her own self-titled social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube where she garnered her own followers and fans. She shares lip-syncing, dance, gymnastics, vlogs, beauty, and related content on her social media accounts.

She gained prominence because of her father’s social media account, as her father is a professional photographer and internet personality who has a very popular YouTube channel and an Instagram account where he shares content. Salish always collaborated with his father Jordan for the content and later she is collaborating with young social media celebrities such as Nidal Wonder. She is a big fan of Piper Rockelle and interesting Piper also follows her Instagram account. Moreover, Salish Matter calls Nidal Wonder her bestie.


She has also done a collaboration with popular YouTuber families including The Royalty Family and Matt & Rebecca. Furthermore, she is getting more popular as soon as she has started her singing career. Salish has released heart-touching singles like TRUTH ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS, Shipping Us, and Animal among others. So, she will be choosing songwriting, and singing as her professional career rather than a social media celebrity in the next few years.

Family Life:

Salish Matter was born on November 29, 2009 (13 years old) to an American family living in New York. Her hometown is Nyack. She is the daughter of popular author, photographer, and social media star Jordan Matter. Salish used her father’s prominence in her early career days to kick-start her internet career. Salish’s brother Hudson is also a photographer and social media star. In the year 2023, she is single.


Influencer Salish Matter contact details, phone number, email and house address.
Salish Matter Biography, Address, Email and Phone Number Details

Contact Details

Several available contact methods are shared here to communicate with Matter.

Salish Matter Phone Number

Use the given Salish Matter contact number for calls, text messages, WhatsApp (Video/Audio/text) and Facetime voice calls. +1 445 221 SAH MATT 2023.


Salish’s addresses are inclusive of his email and house/postal address as listed below.

Email Address:

If you want to contact Salish Matter by email, Use the following e-address/email.

  • Email at:

House Address:

House Address is provided here.

  • Address: Salish Matter, Jordan Matter House, Nyack, New York, United States

Social Media Contact

Social Media account addresses for contact purposes are listed below.

Instagram Address:


Twitter Address:

YT Address: Salish Matter – YouTube

What’s up these days!

She has also appeared in the TV series called Dhar and Laura.

Social Media Stats:

Instagram followers

YouTube Subscribers

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