NLE CHOPPA – Phone Number, House Address, Social, Email

Contact Information such as Number, Email, Social Media accounts, Addresses, and Biography with Family details of American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record executive NLE CHOPPA. His record labels are No Love Records, Warner Records, and UnitedMasters. Nle’s released studio albums so far are inclusive of Top Shotta 2020 and Cottonwood 2 (2023)

Bryson Lashun Potts (Rapper)

He became famous for his first single “Shotta Flow” released in 2019, which was certified platinum by the RIAA and peaked at number 36 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. One of the rising stars in the Rap songs industry. He has been into several controversies such as claiming help to a cancer girl for a cure, being involved in a fight in Santa Monica, losing his unborn son due to miscarriage to her ex-girlfriend Marissa Da’Nae, and welcoming Pott’s second child Chozen Wone Da’Shun Potts, etc.

Bryson Lashun Potts AKA NLE CHOPPA born in Tennessee, U.S. His first studio album Top Shotta was released in August 2020. Upon release of albums, the two singles “Camelot” and “Walk Em Down” are already trending in Billboard 100 at number 40. 20 years old rapper is known by many nicknames including Baby Mexico, YNR Choppa, Top Shotta, Menace, and Dennis.


In his early career days, he got prominence through “No Chorus Pt 3” which was uploaded by Memphis rap collective Shotta Fam. He became a hot cake for well-known labels Interscope, Republic, EMPIRE, and Caroline. His nickname NLE stands for No Love Entertainment. BlocBoy JB helped him in composing a single “ChopBloc.” He released his second studio album called Cottonwood 2 in the year 2023 which has received a great response from the listeners and trending worldwide.

Family Life:

Bryson Lashun Potts was born on November 1, 2002 (20 years old) to a family living in Tennessee, USA. He has dated Instagram star Mariah aka Gorgeeoussss and has a daughter from her named Clover. Later, he dated Marissa Da’Nae and had a son with her who later died in March 2022. However, he broke up with Marissa in September 2022. In April 2023, her ex Marissa is pregnant again with the NLE Choppa’s second son.


NLE Choppa - Phone Number, Address, Bio, Age, Family
NLE Choppa – Phone Number, Address, Bio, Age, Family

Contact Details

Several contact methods are available to communicate NLE are listed below.

NLE Choppa Phone Number

Use the NLE Choppa contact number for calls, text messages, WhatsApp (video/Audio/text), and Facetime voice calls. +1 (901)245-5603.


His addresses are inclusive of email and house addresses as listed below.

Email Address:

If you want to contact NLE Choppa by email, Use the following e-address/email.

House Address:

The House Address is provided here.

  • Address: Bryson Lashun Potts AKA NLE Choppa, Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.

Social Media Contact

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Instagram Address:

Twitter ID:


YT Address:


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What’s up these days!

His songs are getting viral day by day.

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  1. my favorite song is famous hose are Shadow flow 5 and one okay o let me put it this way I like every single one of your songs

  2. I don’t know what to do I really want to see you but I don’t know because you are one of my favorite rappers and my parents but won’t let me to go see rappers she hates rappers I love rappers only be just like you when I grow up can we become friends

  3. Yo NLE top shotta love you bruh. Big fan. Im an aspiring rapper and i hope to be like you one day. I keep you in my thoughts every day bro. Stay safe and keep your plants safe 2.

  4. Bryson Potts I am Big fan I’m an aspiring rapper and I like to rap I am getting better at it and I thought you can help thanks see you Stay safe.

  5. hey nle i love you and your family so much i sure a lot of people want to see you my brother real real want to see you every day he sing your song like he will never forget you like one day you will see him and also i love you to my family even love you we all love you and we wish me can see you and one thing me and my cuins had call you one time and text if the text had gave you the number then that was me and can you come to e candey one day cause that’s were i live can you try to come today or the next day the address is 902 – A i love you stay safe friend have a good day

  6. hey nle choppa huge fan iḿ 11 years old and i listen to all your music and i play fortnight i wanted to know can i play with you on fortnight and can i be you friend plz

  7. hey nle choppa i been on your other chanel and you are such a calm nice young man i hope you be a dad cause you were made to be one i pray you bryson

  8. Hi am your 5cusin am adopted my nameless was Potts to I am Jeremiah Trickett I live in Yakima Washington state hope you come to see me say hi to clover. 4911 mieras road Yakima

  9. Hey nle choppa I’m a rapper from Orlando Fl I’m very talented funny and outgoing I’m 15 years old came from the gutter trying to make it out you my favorite rapper and I wanna get signed to no love ent my Instagram is stayfleezy407 and my email is I don’t have the money for studio time but I have made songs I’m good at writing and free styling please please check me out ???it would be a dream come true to get signed to no love ent

  10. Yo Nle Choppa I’m a huge fan of your songs my favourite is Shotta flow 5 and I want to be just like you I made my own song. On garage band. But I don’t know how to post it

  11. Hey my name is Harmony i am 13 years old and i watched all of your videos i never missed one i love your videos so much i hope you see this.

  12. Hey my name is Harmony i am 13 years old and i watch all of your videos i never missed one and you are so cool i am in 7th grade .

  13. yo nle choppa is my idle rapper ngl i wanna meet him in real life and wann learn how to rap and make music and become famous just like him because my youtbing career really isnt going as plan so i think i just might as well follow my idle rapper

    1. Hi nle choppa.I would like to be your house helper.Because I like your songs and I will like to have song with you.I really appreciate you.U are my daily dream.Am a big fan of u.My phone password is Choppa.I will never forget u

  14. we Got NLE Choppa in the building, wow i am a very big fan and i like all of your music you are my inspiration, and my music that i listen to. I want you to know that i will be like you one day. Thanks for making the whole world jump to your music.

  15. Yooo Nle bro ima big fan and i do music too. if you every need a feature or want to be a feature you can hit me up on ig @Dareal_Yv.
    keep yo head up
    see you in the future

  16. Nle Choppa I was wondering if you can come and see me my name is Jeremiah I’m a big fan of you can you come and visit me sometime this week it’s Ulmerton road Eckerd alternative community place can you come and see me soon please bye

  17. Hi Nle Choppa I need to ask you something so I’m going g to give you my phone number 337 241 3171 I’m going to tell you if you put in this number ok plss put it in I’m 12 years and my name is tristyn but I have problems at school

  18. nle choppa i am your best fan I love your music i love to walk em down shotta flow remix capo and all of that you are on my wallpapers on my ipad love your stuff bro

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